Upsell Program - Terms of Service

Upsell Program Terms of Service

  1. Premium Plan: Minimum 9-month commitment period.
  2. Plus Plan: Minimum 6-month commitment period.
  3. Short Plan: Minimum 3-month commitment period.

Services Included:

  • Website Construction.
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Google My Business Creation (Note: Client is responsible for verifying their Google My Business account; we are not responsible if verification is not possible).
  • Local Ads Package (Active Lead Generation).
  • Paid Traffic Services (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and marketplaces like Gumtree).
  • Methods for paid traffic will be determined by the advertising manager during the program and may be adjusted based on analysis and results.

Please note that the Google My Business verification process is the client’s responsibility. If verification cannot be completed, we will not be held responsible, and the Google My Business service may not be provided.

Initiation and Billing of Services

Service initiation under the Upsell Program requires an upfront payment for registration. This initial payment is essential to start the services. Afterward, billing for services provided will be conducted either monthly or every 15 days, based on the selected payment option. This billing covers costs for services delivered in the previous billing cycle.

Revised Terms of Service for Upsell Program


1.1. By subscribing to the hosting service recommended by Upsell Nine, the client is entitled to a free domain for the first year, basic logo creation, configured SSL certificate, and a professional email.

2. Maintenance Video Tutorial

2.1. Upon Upsell Program completion, the client will receive a video tutorial that will guide them through performing certain maintenance tasks, such as adding images, texts, colors, products, checking orders, reviewing forms, and creating posts.

3. Website Panel Access

3.1. The client will receive access to the website construction panel, including access link, login, and password, upon website completion.

4. Freedom After Completion

4.1. The client is not obligated to remain in service with Upsell Nine after the completion of the Upsell Program, and they are free to work on and edit the site on their own or hire another company.

5. Site Changes Responsibility

5.1. Upsell Nine is not responsible for any changes made to the site by the client or any third parties who are not company programmers.

6. Contractor’s Responsibility

6.1. It is the contractor’s responsibility to obtain website hosting and provide access to Upsell Nine for the site construction work to commence.

7. Landing Page Construction Duration

7.1. The landing page construction will take approximately 4 weeks, totaling one month of work.

8. Communication in Case of Delay

8.1. In the event of a delay on the part of the company, the contractor will be informed in advance, and an additional week will be requested to complete the service.

9. Refund in Case of Delay

9.1. If the delivery deadline is not met, and there is no agreement between the parties, the client will be entitled to a refund of 10% of the site’s value.

10. SEO + Advertising + Google My Business Period After Website Construction

10.1. After the 4 weeks of website construction, the client will enter an SEO + Advertising + Google My Business period during which they will receive free site maintenance. Upsell Nine will provide support for any client requests related to the site, including changes, corrections, creations, or updates.

11. Maintenance Service

11.1. If the client requires maintenance service for the site after the Upsell Program service is completed, they can hire the maintenance service, which will cost 25% of the current website construction value and must be paid in a single installment. The maintenance service will grant the client support from Upsell Nine for changes, corrections, creations, or updates on the site for a period of one month.

12. Website Construction Stage

12.1. The website construction will be divided into 2 stages: the first stage will involve designing the site, and the second stage will focus on backend structure. After the first stage is completed, a video meeting will be arranged with the client for design approval. The second stage will begin after client approval.

13. Website Design Approval

13.1. If the client does not approve the website design at the end of the first stage, the design will be reconstructed until the client is satisfied and approves the service for the second stage to commence.

14. Automatic Billing

14.1. Billing will take place, automatically.

15. Minimum Duration of Upsell Program Packages

15.1. The Upsell Program packages, have a minimum commitment period as specified at the beginning of this term. These packages cannot be canceled before the end of the minimum waiting period.

15.2. If the client wishes to terminate these services before the conclusion of the minimum commitment period, the client must pay an early termination penalty equal to the total value for the remaining months required to fulfill the minimum commitment period specified in the package.

15.3. In the event of missed payments, the services will be suspended, and subsequently, the client’s website and other utilized tools will be taken offline.

15.4. If the client decides not to continue with the program after the expiration of the minimum waiting period, they must notify us at least 15 days prior to the end of the monthly cycle. In the absence of such communication, billing and work will continue as usual even after the conclusion of the minimum service period.

16. Payment Method

16.1. Payment is divided into weekly installments, spreading the total service cost over the weeks.

16.2. The first payment is due immediately upon service agreement.

16.3. Automatic weekly billing will be carried out for the remaining installments.

17. Payment Interruption and Site Possession

17.1. In the event of payment interruption before the end of the service period, the website and access to the platforms worked on will belong to the company and may be taken offline.

17.2. The amount already paid in installments will not be refunded to the contractor in the event of interruption of payment before the end of the service period.

18. Cancellation

18.1. In the event of service cancellation before the minimum waiting period is completed, the client shall complete and sign the cancellation request form.

18.2. The service cancellation form must be requested 15 days before the next invoice as advance notice. Otherwise you will be charged as normal and the cancellation will take place.

18.3. Once the cancellation has been confirmed, the customer agrees to pay 30% of the total cost of the service.

18.4. A charge of 30% of the total value of the plan will be made within a maximum of 7 days of confirmation of cancellation.

18.5. If the full payment is not made within the specified billing period, the amount will be charged automatically, and it may be divided into installments until the total amount is paid.

18.6. In the case of payment inability, the cancellation will be annulled, and regular service charges will resume.