SEO - Terms of Service

Upsell Nine SEO Service Terms

  1. Minimum Duration

    1.1. The SEO package has a minimum commitment period. The service can only be canceled after this period.

    1.2. If the client wishes to terminate this service, they must notify their intention at least 15 days before the end of the 30-day cycle.

    1.3. If the client wishes to cancel before the minimum commitment period, they must pay a penalty equal to the total value for the remaining days to complete the minimum commitment period.

  2. Billing and Payment

    2.1. Payment is divided into weekly installments, spreading the total service cost over the number of weeks.

    2.2. The first payment is due immediately upon service agreement and closure.

    2.3. Weekly automatic billing will be in effect for the remaining installments.

  3. Inclusions in the Service

    3.1. Keyword Analysis and Research: Identifying relevant keywords for the client’s business and target audience, focusing on terms with high search volume and lower competition.

    3.2. On-Page Optimization: Adjustments to the site’s content, titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and URLs to increase relevance to the selected keywords.

    3.3. Off-Page Optimization: Strategies to enhance the site’s authority and relevance through high-quality backlinks and partnerships with other relevant websites.

    3.4. Content Creation: Development of relevant and valuable content for the target audience, such as articles, blog posts, and videos, to build authority and attract more visitors.

    3.5. User Experience Enhancement (if the site was created by Upsell Nine): Ensuring that the site is user-friendly, quick to load, and responsive on mobile devices to provide a pleasant experience for visitors.

    3.6. Monitoring and Analysis: Continuous tracking of results, performance metrics, and traffic data to make necessary adjustments to strategies.

    3.7. Reporting and Insights: Providing periodic reports on site performance, keyword progress, and suggestions for continuous improvement.

    3.8. Local Optimization: For local businesses, the SEO service may include optimization for local searches, directory listings, and review management.

    3.9. Consultation and Support: Offering ongoing guidance and support to the client’s marketing team regarding SEO best practices.

  4. Results Disclaimer

    4.1. Upsell Nine shall not be held responsible for generating specific results or increasing the number of clients. The SEO service aims to improve the site’s position on Google’s search engine, potentially increasing site traffic and clicks, and consequently, the number of clients. However, it’s essential to consider that closing deals depends on other factors, such as site structure, service delivery, and customer service.