Website - Terms of Service

Upsell Nine Service Terms

  1. Services Provided

    1.1. If the client uses the hosting service recommended by Upsell Nine, the client is entitled to a free domain for the first year, basic logo creation, configured SSL certificate, and the setup of a professional email.

    1.2. Upon website completion, the client will receive a video tutorial demonstrating how to manage certain maintenance tasks, such as adding images, text, colors, products, checking orders, verifying forms, and creating posts.

    1.3. The client will receive access to the website’s construction panel, including the access link, login, and password upon completion of the website.

    1.4. After the completion of the website, the client is not obligated to continue using Upsell Nine’s services and is free to work on and edit the site independently or engage another company.

  2. Responsibilities

    2.1. Upsell Nine is not responsible for any changes to the website made by the client or any third parties who are not Upsell Nine’s programmers.

    2.2. It is the client’s responsibility to acquire website hosting and provide access to Upsell Nine for the commencement of website construction.

  3. Timelines and Payment

    3.1. Website construction is expected to take approximately 4 weeks, equivalent to 1 month of work.

    3.2. In the event of any delay on Upsell Nine’s part, the client will be notified in advance and granted an additional one-week extension for service completion.

    3.3. Should the delivery deadline not be met and no agreement reached between the parties, the client shall be entitled to a refund of 10% of the website’s cost.

    3.4. Payment for website construction will be divided into 4 weekly installments, with the first installment to be paid upon commencement of the service and the subsequent installments thereafter.

  4. Service Warranty Period

    4.1. After the 4-week website construction period, the client enters a “service warranty period” of 1 month, during which Upsell Nine will provide free maintenance for the website. Upsell Nine will support any client requests related to the website, including alterations, corrections, creation, or updates.

    4.2. At the end of the 1-month service warranty period, the free maintenance period will conclude.

  5. Additional Maintenance Service

    5.1. Should the client require website maintenance after the warranty period, the client can engage Upsell Nine’s maintenance service, which costs 25% of the current website construction value and must be paid in a single installment. The maintenance service grants the client one month of Upsell Nine’s support for alterations, corrections, creation, or updates to the website.

  6. Development in Stages

    6.1. Website construction will be divided into 2 stages: the first stage involves designing the website, and the second stage involves backend structure development. At the conclusion of the first stage, a video meeting will be held with the client to obtain approval of the visual and design. The second stage will commence following client approval.

    6.2. If the client does not approve the website’s design at the end of the first stage, the visual will be reconstructed until the client is satisfied and grants approval for the service to proceed to the second stage.

  7. Automatic Billing

    7.1. The 4 weekly installments will be billed automatically, regardless of the website’s completion.

  8. Payment Interruption and Site Possession

    8.1. In the event of payment interruption before the final service term, the website will belong to the company and may be taken down.

    8.2. The amount already paid in installments will not be refunded to the contractor in case of payment interruption before the final service term.